DYSMENORRHOEA ( Menstrual Pain)

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Menstruation is a natural process in the female body (adolescents and adults). Some women experience pain during this period; cramps and lower backs ache. This is known as Dysmenorrhoea or in simpler terms menstrual pain.

There are 2 categories of Dysmenorrhoea

1. Primary dysmenorrhoea.

2. Secondary dysmenorrhoea.

Primary dysmenorrhoea simply refers to the absence of any structural pelvic anomaly, it is usually due to elevated prostaglandin level which plays a role in uterine motility during menses.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea is associated with structural pelvic disorders such as Fibroids, endometriosis (when cells forming the inner lining in the uterus start growing at a totally different site).

Symptoms: abdominal cramping and pain which may sometimes radiate to the back.


– Painkillers

– Heating pads applied to the abdomen

– Regular exercise

– Relaxation techniques

RED FLAGS (consult your doctor)

– Intense abdominal pain more than usual.

– Heavy bleeding

– Changes in menstrual cycle and bleeding pattern.

Basically any change from your usual menstrual pattern

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