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This simply refers to comprehensive medical and social activities which enable individuals to determine freely the number and spacing of their children and to select the means by which this may be achieved.

Family planning is important because it improves the general productivity of the family,community and society at large.

Family planning methods can be used by both men and women. The methods are even more effective when both partners take part in the process.


“Family Planning Cause Birth Defects.”

Studies have shown that family planing methods don’t contribute to risk of birth defects.

“It Causes Infertility. ”

They do not cause infertility, fertility is usually restored once it is stopped

“Use of contraceptives decrease libido in females. ”

Using family planning does not reduce sexual desire, she may even enjoy the sex more without the fear of getting pregnant.

“Vasectomy Reduces Sexual Prowess. “

A vasectomy does not limit a Man’s sexual prowess (erections will still be as hard and last as long as before)

Some family planning methods may cause side effects which can be appropriately managed.


Condoms are valuable contraceptive methods for anyone, irrespective of sexual behavior because they also provide protection against STDs.

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