Source:| Yaw Kuulboi, Ghana

We who were born

Ought to blow the horn

To appreciate the womb

Before it sleeps in the tomb

She held me when I was very little

With tenderness because my bones were brittle

She ignited in me a burning desire

To appreciate life and always  stir up the fire

Mama never had it easy with me alive

Many days I don’t know how we survive

She gave me a gift no man can sell

And a secret joy no man can tell

Sometimes I succeed to make her glad

Many times I fail, it doesn’t make her sad

All these things make her think

But she never allow her hear to sink

This woman is so fine

With a heart so divine

She comforts friends and foes

She embrace the unclad and give them clothes

All creatures under the sun

Must be grateful to THE ORIGINAL WOMBMAN

For all men after Adam were brought forth by the WOMAN

Those that crawl, walk and run

For God to be in the form of human

It’s the relentless effort of a woman

Scientists may have their atomic bond

But the world have the maternity bond


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