Dear Nakua,

My name is Freddy. I am a level 300 student in one of the prominent universities in my country. I have been dating one fine level 200 lady in my department for about nine (9) months. Not too long ago, she asked that I buy her a mobile phone.

Indeed, her phone got broken and so l realized there was the need for her to get a new phone.

I care so much about her and l love her a lot, so I decided to use my school fees to buy iPhone 8 plus for her.

Now she said I am not her class. Please am I stupid?


From Ghana.


Dear Freddy from Ghana,

Sorry for your heartbreak.

In fact, the lady’s comment and actions towards you are so unfair.

It is obvious that she does not love or care about you the same way you do. She was only in for the phone and many other material benefits.

As a matter of fact, someone observing from afar would refer to you and your response to solving her problem as “mumurity raised to power“. Freddy you have slacked. Maybe you were too desperate that you failed to look before you leapt.  It could also be that you were attracted to and were paying too much attention to her physical appearance living by the saying men are moved by what they see. Perhaps you were showing her off to friends as well just to impress them.

With this era of Slay Queen phenomenon, you are advised to be patient and look out for the qualities you need in a woman before you go for her.

Your girlfriend has acted immature; and she has taken advantage of your vulnerability and passion.

She is materialistic and Freddy, you should be grateful she did not stay for long to further exploit you.

Be smarter next time. No wise student uses his school fees to buy a mobile phone for a girlfriend!! Not to talk of an iPhone. You should learn a lesson from your mistake and receive sense for your future relationship.

Relationship these days are not done right. Some men think they own their girlfriends or partners hence they play the “provider role” and influence the girlfriends to think they are duty bound to provide their needs.

That explains why most times men think that ladies must pay back with their bodies without any reservations because that is the “only thing she can offer”.

Freddy please move on and never be “stupid” again.

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