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When was the last time you checked your Blood pressure?

The anthem persists, Hypertension is a silent killer.


It is defined as persistent elevated BP (blood pressure) greater than 140 (systolic) and greater than 90 (diastolic) i.e BP in blood vessels are higher than normal.

It may be:

  1. Primary (genetic cause, 90-95% of cases) or
  2. Secondary (due to certain conditions such as kidney problems, endocrine problems e.t.c 2-10% of cases )


1. ASSYMPTOMATIC in most cases (silent killer)

2. Persistent headaches

3. For those already with complications, easy tiredness, breathlessness, blurred vision, seizures, confusion e.t.c.)


1. Lifestyle modifications is the first step.

 Weight loss

 Reduce alcohol intake

 Reduce Salt intake

 Stop smoking and reduce dietary saturated fat and cholesterol meals

 Engage in aerobic exercises at least 30 minutes daily for most days

2. Continued use of Antihypertensive medication (Appropriately prescribed by your doctor and titrated according during each visit depending on regular BP reading).


It is very important that we check our BP reading from time to time, I cannot stress this enough.  

Do not be swayed into thinking that there is a  bitters that cures hypertension.

Use your medications everyday as prescribed by your doctor

Regular clinic visit at the appointed time.


If hypertension is not properly managed, it could lead to complications such as


-Chronic kidney disease

-Heart failure

– Intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding into the brain)

– Seizures /Convulsions

– Visual disturbance

-Altered mental Status.


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