Source:| Kwame Sarpong, Ghana

To become  successful, an expert or good at something, you must embrace Deliberate Practice.

Deliberate practice says for you to learn the skill  you want or to stay successful,  your practice must be focused, planned and should have results where you can get feedback on the skill you are learning.

Pick up any skill you want to learn, break the skill down into simple bits of things you can learn or do everyday.  Find someone who is already good at that skill to mentor or guide you. Give yourself time or number of years to achieve your goals.

With a continuous practice habit and a joyful spirit, you too can become an expert.

There are geniuses, but people who practice a lot at something and have a lot of fun doing it can make geniuses of themselves.

Believe me, you are a genius too. You just don’t know it yet. So embrace Deliberate Practice!

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