Source:| Mafany Tande Myles, Cameroon

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and C0-Founder of COSDEF Group, Javnyuy Joybert, has launched three mobile applications to help Cameroonian Farmers thrive in the agricultural industry in Africa.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of the mobile apps at  Eta Palace Hotel Buea, Cameroon, he said “technology is helping to unlock the potential of the agricultural sector in Africa and Cameroon, and we are committed to serve our clients in the agricultural sector with the technology they need to thrive.”

The alumnus of the Mandela Washington Fellowship was contracted by Help Farmers Cameroon (HEFARCAM) to develop the mobile applications to solve pertinent issues facing farmers in the agricultural sector of Cameroon.

These applications are developed to aid farmers increase their yield, increase access to relevant information and providing better access to markets.

Having observed that the agricultural sector in Cameroon is dwindling due to poor markets and inappropriate customer services, these apps were designed to ensure farmers are given what they duly deserve for their harvests and are not misinformed in any way possible.

Javnyuy hails from the Bui division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon and is considered one of Cameroon’s top life coaches, trainer and consultant.

The apps are ready for download and can be searched for on Google Play Store using the words: Hefarcam, Hefarcam TV and Hefarcam News.

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