Source: www.africanakua.com| Judith Petronille Kabore, Burkina Faso and Richard Fiebor,Ghana

There is a new phenomenon of city beautification and waste management on-going in the major cities of Burkina Faso including Ouagadougou, (the capital) Bobo-Dioulasso (the second largest city of Burkina) Kongoussi, and Ziniare.

This waste revolution and ingenuity was introduced by Mr. Phineas Pitroipa, the Chief Executive Officer of Recup’Art Initiative.

Since February 2018, the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) alumnus has artistically been helping to clean the environment by removing damaged lorry tires from the streets and converting them into beautiful waste bins around street corners and major roundabouts in the cities- a sight to behold.

Speaking to www.africanakua.com in an interview he said “I was really interested in environmental issues and the number of tires left on the streets was increasing each day, my only talent was painting and drawing so for one year I tried different ways of matching paint and old tires to make something useful for the communities and I ended up with the tire-trash bin.”

He noted that the project has impacted his community positively as it shows that old objects could be re-used even in a better way.  Apart from that it is sustainable, cost effective and very appealing.

He explained that “it is a new concept here in Burkina Faso. We have a problem of waste management which is due to the lack of trash cans and the ignorance of people. The tire-bin is very beautiful, sustainable and resistant to climate and the cost is 3 times cheaper than the basic bins”.

Mr. Pitroiba, the young business executive, maintained that the venture is lucrative, as many people order “our bin with their kids preferred cartoons painted on it.”

However, due to the lack of financial resources he is not able to hire employees and satisfy all the orders. He gets the tires primarily from garages around the city (before they get thrown on the streets) and from the streets.

Apart from that, most of the people living in the cities do not understand why he creates trash bins. They are not interested in the project per se but are rather attracted to the artistic side of it.

In the mean time, he has some partners who are mostly expatriates, International schools, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), benevolent individuals and groups who understand the purpose of the project and support him to improve and sustain it.

He and Recup’Art Initiative reciprocate the benevolence by freely training young people from the major cities who are interested in the project to help maintain it.

Though he lives and works at Cissin in Ouagadougou, Mr. Phineas Pitroipa tries very much to get young people like himself across the country to train them so that they can extend the project to the other regions of the country.

 Subscribe to Mr. Phineas Pitroipa’s facebook page to watch videos of his marvelous work: fb.me/recupbf

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