Source:|Forgbe Kloh, Liberia

The City mayor of Liberia’s Capital Monrovia is cautioning Members of the opposition community in his country to get involved with developmental activities that will improve the lives of ordinary citizens rather than embarking on demonstrations.

Monrovia is home to over half of Liberia’s population, but most of its slum neighborhoods are filthy with many residents lacking access to electricity and pipe borne water.

The country’s main opposition has in recent times launched series of criticisms against the government citing corruption, abuse of power among others.

The youthful mayor who is a well-respected figure in his Coalition for Democratic Change Party, is cautioning the Opposition to redirect their criticisms towards buttressing government efforts in meeting the needs of the people of Liberia.

Speaking at “Old Road” one of the densely populated communities in Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee said those who are claiming to be advocates are impostors who do not care for the citizens.

He further noted that their government is in power today because of the love citizens have for them that led them to have won overwhelmingly.

“I can see people who disagree with you yesterday, and you think they agree with you today, in their mind all they know is that you are not qualified to make a decision” the mayor asserted.

Mayor Koijee outlining the challenges the city is faced with challenged the opposition community and those wanting to protest to take a bold step and fuel trucks in helping to keep Monrovia clean.

“Right now the city is challenged, let one of these political parties or COP (Council of Patriots) provide trucks and go and clean it and see whether we will get angry… that’s the easy way to make us unpopular”.

The mayor is calling on those wanting to protest to desist from instilling fear among citizens.

He noted that the best way to “save the state” is for those wanting to protest to qualify themselves and get popular with the people.

According to the mayor, when they were in opposition, they contributed immensely toward citizens of the country thereby recalling how they were able to partner with a certain community out of Monrovia when they were affecting by flooding.

The city mayor of Monrovia has meanwhile outlined challenges facing the corporation ranging from the lack of fuel for trucks to clear the dirt and logistics to help keep the city clean.

Mayor Jefferson Koijee has however assured residents of Monrovia and its environs of keeping the city clean in consultation with the Ministry of Finance in Liberia.

He also used the occasion to introduce a new method of waste collection called “Primary Waste Collection” where community dwellers wouldn’t have to bring their waste on the main road as they are used to doing.

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