Dear Nakua,

I am 35 years old. Am single. Employed.

I have a BIG problem plainly. I have a big private part and men lose interest in me after consummation.

I have dated three men and they all said they found it difficult to reach orgasm anytime we made love.

Please this is the only problem l have. I want to marry but my BIG problem is not making it possible.

What do l do?

From: Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,

Your ‘BIG’ problem is serious and interesting at the same time, but guess what there is always a solution to every problem.

An unusually lax and wide vagina is a big issue for both parties. Attaining orgasms for both parties might be difficult. The fact is, a lot of people especially women, do not enjoy orgasm during sex. This has obviously strained a lot of relationships.

Your case is not so strange, so do not worry at all.

One way to solve the issue of a naturally lax vagina is doing a surgery. The surgery, if done by a specialist would reduce the diameter of that region and you are unlikely to have any complications.

Apart from surgery to reduce the diameter of that region , KEGELS EXERCISE has been shown to also tighten the region.

It is very advisable you start a regular Kegels exercise routine which has a lot of other benefits.

Deliberately tightening the vagina during sexual intercourse may also help to some extent; the only challenge is that sex is a very dynamic process. You tend to do a lot of positions in the course of the act; at some points you are in a curl, at other points you do not even know where you are. In the process, you may be enjoying yourself and even forget about the fact that you got some tightening going on.

Anonymous, may God Himself bring you a man with an unusually large phallus so you could live happily ever after (Lighter note).



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