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Mostly girls are unaware or unprepared for the start of menses (menarche) as they are either not informed or misinformed about the process.

There are also cultural restrictions to talk about menstruation and in some cultures, it is believed to be a taboo to talk about it.

These has brought about the need to educate our women on what menstruation is and appropriate menstrual hygiene practices during menstruation

Menstruation/Menses/Period/Monthly flow/ Aunt Flo is a normal vaginal bleeding that occurs at certain time of the month in a womans monthly cycle.

This process is a very important process and appropriate menstrual hygiene practices as poor practices could lead to complications such as

-Reproductive tract infection

-Toxic shock syndrome (life threatening bacterial infection) among others.


-Change your sanitary pads/tampons every 4-6hours (The blood is an excellent environment for  bacteria organisms to thrive ,thereby causing infections.

-Clean up in the appropriate manner (wipe your vagina in a motion moving from the front to the back. This helps prevent infection spread.

-Dont use medicated soaps (vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, using most of this medicated products kills the normal flora of organisms in the vagina thereby making it susceptible to foreign BACTERIAL organism .

-Discard Sanitary pads/tampons properly.

-Ensure you wash your hands before inserting tampons or sanitary pad in order to prevent BACTERIA infection

-Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes during menstruation for good aeration.

-Unprotected sex during menstruation should be avoided

-Dry washed underwear under the sun to reduce the chances of infection

– Have your bath at least twice a day during menstruation

-Use natural sanitary pads/tampons ( pads without additives likes perfumes or harsh synthetic that could irritate the vagina)

-Dont hesitate to talk about menstruation with professionals or experienced minds.

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