Miriama Iddrisu’s desire to make a positive impact in the global climatic conditions, coupled with her good leadership and organizational skills, drove her to start a plastic waste recycling business- Yensom Enterprise.

Available records from the city authority, Accra Metropolitan Assembly indicate that out of the over 2,500 tons of waste generated daily, only 1,125 tons representing 45 per cent is collected.

The remaining 55 per cent, mainly plastics, remain in the system. Arithmetically, about 501,875 tons of plastics are produced annually. Where do they go? Where do we put 501,875 tons of? Plastic every year that is specifically designed not to break down? It is noteworthy that every piece of plastic ever made and disposed to a landfill still exists. Why? Plastic is not a natural product; therefore, nature has no way of breaking it down other than 100s to 1000s of years of time.

This calls for a need in the recycling of our plastic waste. In view of this one of Ghanaian’s finest entrepreneur and CEO,  Mariama Iddrisu seeks to create employment and wealth through recycling of plastic waste. Her mission is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment by promoting individual and corporate responsibility and utilization of plastic waste as a resource. Materials from discarded water sachets are put in use to serve as a base for producing bags and accessories. Yensom Enterprise uses them to create products that are each unique and one of their kind. At Yensom Enterprise, emphasis is placed on the need for the commitment to proper management of the impacts of plastic waste and effective environmental management in the country. Thus, the green Recycling of waste is a veritable tool that promoting both social and environmental development.

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