In an ever changing and a more diversifying world, the need for innovations and positive change is very paramount the growth of the society.

Manager and Co-founder of Korlics Ventures

Kolics Ventures, owner of the popular Koliko Wear Brand is social enterprise co-foundered and managed by peter Kweku Anowie. He is a graduate of catholic university college Ghana- Fiapre with a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking and Finance. He is armed with industry experience in sales, marketing and banking. His passion for equipping young people and protecting the environment as well as his innovative skills spurred him to co-found Kolics Ventures. This aims at waste management hence protecting the environment. In order to contribute to society, he trains both skilled and unskilled young people in the community in innovative approaches of starting a business. The enterprise, based in Takoradi provides customers with quality and affordable ladies and gents wear.

Kolics Ventures is founded on three basic principles:

  • Creating avenues for the youth to be engaged in doing something with their skills.
  • Using up-cycled and recycled materials to cut down waste in order to protect the environment.
  • Using part of our proceeds to support projects that fall in line with our principles.

At Kolics Ventures quality and affordable shoes are produced from recycled and upcycled materials.

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