Coordinator of the Citizen Movement “Togo Debout”, Professor David EKoue Dosseh, has hinted that the leadership of the erstwhile Coalition of 14 Parties (C 14) had double agents who rolled for the Rassemblement du Peuple Togolaise (RPT-UNIR) regime.

He said “I know it takes a single action, but it’s time to call a cat, a cat. We know that in the C 14, there are people who have played a double game. We must go to a unitary dynamic of action, we must take responsibility of our actions.”

The former Number 1 syndicate of Hospital Practitioners of Togo (SYNPHOT) made this claim during a meeting of C 14 Politicians and Civil Society actors.

The meeting which was held under the chairmanship of Bishop Phillippe Fanoko Kpodzro, was organized within the framework of the upcoming local elections. The local elections would be held on the 30th of June, 2019 where local representatives would be elected.

The C 14 Coalition was formed by fourteen opposition political parties under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Fabre in the wake of mass demonstrations demanding the departure of President Faure Gnassingbe in 2017.  In August 2017, Togolese political star Tikpi Atchadam took over the leadership of the and made it more vibrant.

Leadership of C 14

After 18 months of existence, the C 14 Coalition is undermined by internal dissension. The dysfunctions within the opposition coalition include deficiency of trust, problem of political alliance and philosophy, lack of transparency among others. On 20th February, 2019, ten political parties left the coalition.

The Coalition was reorganized and christened C7.

The academic charged the current membership of C 7  Coalition to be vigilant and clean up the coalition emphasizing that “if possible, get rid of those moles that sabotage the fight for freedom, unless they become responsible”.

The civil society actor strongly denounced the smear campaigns of some C 14 political leaders against their colleagues. He said “if there had been more solidarity between the leaders of the C 14, it would have allowed to pass, several difficult caps”.

Professor Dosseh called for the existence of mutual respect among political leaders. He maintained that “if only there was an ounce of mutual respect among political leaders, the C 14 wouldn’t be reduced to C7”.

Credit: Liberty TV

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