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The leadership of the Council of Patriots (COP) have directed protesters to go back home promising to host a news conference on Monday to set a new date for protest.

That suggests that the “Save the State” Demonstration has temporarily come to a halt because protestors were not able to read or present their petition to the government.

Earlier Friday the whole of Liberia, especially Monrovia, the capital was brought to a standstill as protesters insisted on presenting their petition to the president or his vice in person.

Leader of the protestors, Abraham Darius Dillon, has been demanding for a meaningful reform of the government emphasizing addressing the rapid decline of the Liberian Dollars; seeking clarification on alleged corrupt practices by government officials; petitioning for the redress of severe economic hardships and a host of other problems which have damaged the country’s image internationally among others.

President Weah on Monday designated Vice President Howard Taylor in the presence of representatives of ECOWAS, AU and other international organizations to receive the petition because it would not be safe for him to be out there with the protesters. The government also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the leadership of COP agreeing on certain terms for the protests.

Surprisingly during the protest Friday, it was announced that the Vice President would not be able to receive the petition because she was indisposed.

The COP argued that they have adhered to the terms of the MOU and it behooves on the government to do their part of the bargain insisting that they would not read or present the petition without the presence of the President himself or his vice.

But the President designated Justice Minister, Musa Dean and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Gbenzongar Findley to receive the petition.

The COP contended that they were not going against the MOU. They were demanding the presence of the President  or his vice or else they were not leaving the streets.  

The tension became high leaving Liberians panicking.

Meanwhile, at a recent News Conference, the chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change accused Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, All Liberian Party Political Leader, Benoni Urey and Alternative National Congress Political Leader, Alexander Cummings as financiers of the Planned June 7 “Save the State” protest.

Ex Prez Johnson Sirleaf

According to Chairman Mulbah Morlu, former President Sirleaf is angry over the government’s decision to jail her son Charles Sirleaf following the release of the Kroll and PIT investigation report.

The chairman accused ALP and ANC political leaders Benoni Urey and Alexander Cummings of using their resources at all cost to undermine the George Weah administration to the very end.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, ANC political leader Alexander Cummings and ALP political leader Benoni Urey have not responded to this latest allegation.

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