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Nestlé and Cameroon Breweries commonly known by its French acronym as Brasseries du Cameroon conducted a plastic cleaning session by the banks of River Wouri last week Friday.

It is rare to see renowned companies involved in such a noble act in the country, but these two giant companies created history as they were noticed cleaning the banks of the Wouri River.

These companies’ motivated Douala residents and preached humility as most of their top personalities were involved in the plastic cleaning session, some of which were Nestlé Cameroon’s Managing Director, Robert Helou and General Manager of the Société Anonyme du Brasseries du Cameroun (Sabc) group, Emmanuel De Tailly as they were collecting plastic objects by the banks of the Wouri River on Friday morning.

According to official sources, this cleaning session had been motivated by the coupled celebration of World Environment day on 5 June and World Ocean day on 8 June, as these companies seized the opportunity to fight against plastic pollution in the economic capital of the country, Douala.

 They did this in partnership with the regional delegation of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and sustainable development, with Hysacam and Name recycling.

However, Nestlé Cameroon had to participate in this activity due to its program which is the company’s global volunteering program where employees have to provide free support to community activities that will benefit everyone. This program also has as a goal to improve the living conditions of local communities by protecting the environment and ensuring that individuals and families eat healthy food.

By the end of this activity, Wouri River banks was having a pleasant atmosphere as several dozen bags of packaging had been filled with plastic waste materials.

This prompted Nestlé’s Director General to state that this is one of the solutions to the scourge of marine plastic waste in Douala. “We must, each at his level, work for future generations.” He said.

Wouri river

Ambition of this Activity

The CEO of Sabc Group also made some emphasis on the cleanup session as he said that it is a long-term expected positive activity if nothing is done, global plastic waste production could increase by 41% by 2030 and the amount accumulated in the ocean will dominate by 2030 to 300 million tonnes. It is therefore more than urgent to act collectively to find lasting and effective solutions to this situation.

For Robert Helou, this action is part of Nestlé global mission of having a 100% of packaging reusable by 2025 with focus on the prevention of plastic waste. The CEO of Sabc also added that the Cameroon Glass Company, Socaver has been contributing for recycling bottles and plastic objects for more than 50 years as their partner.

The employees of these companies also commented stating that the fight against plastic pollution and health preservation will need a lot of individual discipline.

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