An Executive Director for the Africa Centre for Security and Intelligent Studies, Paul Boateng, is asking Ghanaians to stop comparing the way the police handled the kidnapping of the two Canadian women with the three Takoradi girls.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, Mr. Boateng said the abduction of the three Takoradi girls was not reported on time hence the challenges the police are facing in finding them.

“These are different issues, looking at the time in which the incident was reported. Such issue you need to alert the security agency on time so they can act faster, but the Takoradi issue, I don’t think it was reported on time so you cannot compare the two,” he said.

He also mentioned that the recent discussions on security threats are not to scare Ghanaians but to keep them vigilant and aware of their environment.

The focus of terror threats in Ghana comes amid the increased threat of terror attacks on churches in the sub-region.

Australia is the latest country to update its foreign travel advice on Ghana, advising its nationals not to use Ubers, taxis or other public transport in the country.

Already, the  United Kingdom (UK) has updated its travel advice for British nationals travelling to Ghana warning of likely terrorist attacks.

The Government of Canada earlier cautioned its citizens of potential violent crimes in Ghana following the abduction of two of its nationals in Kumasi.

The two Canadian nationals were rescued on Wednesday morning.

Kidnapping of girls

The Canadian women were kidnapped at the Kumasi Royal Gulf Club, Ahodwo around 8:25 pm on June 4, 2019.

The Police in a statement on the matter said the two victims were aged 19 and 20 and “are volunteers with an NGO known as Youth Challenge International based here in Ghana.”

Credit: CNR

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