Source:| Napoleon Ato Kittoe, Ghana

The Pharaohs of Egypt won the match but know how lucky they were to have beaten the Cranes of Uganda. Uganda has put its best foot forward in Afcon 2019 furiously spitting fire on any opposition in its path.

The Cranes conceded two quick goals towards end of the first half against run of play, with two individual titans of the Egyptian game, pulling the trigger on them. Otherwise, Uganda did almost everything that soccer is about to have surprised the tournament’s hosts.

What the East Africans failed to do was to translate possession and begging chances into goals. As they ran riot, Egypt thought them a few lessons. First, a well measured free kick by a maestro of his time, Mohammed Salah was a stiletto which defied interception. It zoomed straight in the net to puncture the pride of the Cranes.

Undaunted, Uganda kept to rhythm but were soon to incur another set back as Egypt scored again from an angled grounder.

If luck is a factor in soccer, then Uganda were denied hordes of the abstract ingredient in this epic match. Five obvious balls bent at goal, rolled just inches away from the post, with Egypt not able to do anything about the hostile marauders except to ride on luck.

The capable Egypt weathered all the storm in the difficult tie whose outcome was to be determined by masterstrokes of big game players. The prospect of Uganda advancing to the last sixteen of the competition, must alert other top contenders that the cranes are an amoral force, not awed by any opposition.

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