Source: | Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon

The Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Pauline Lyonga Egbe, has launched a campaign against corrupt people in her ministry and decentralized services to ensure impartiality among teachers. This was revealed in a letter published by her ministry last week on June 24.

According to the Minister’s words in the letter, her ministry has recorded constant scams by some dubious persons who take advantage of helpless teachers by targeting schools and other local areas of her jurisdiction.

“I have noticed that there have been persistent cases of fraud in my area of jurisdiction where some people target schools, delegations and the Ministry of Finance to scam huge sums of money for an ease process of files” she said.

She thereby stated that such malpractices, mostly bribe collected from teachers hinder a partial treatment of teacher’s files which counteracts a good government preached by the Ministry of Secondary Education.

She went on to remind the public that services like transfers, appointments, payment of salary advances, assignments, preparation of career documents and their finacial benefits, process of integration and arrears are departmental obligations that have to be rendered free to teachers.

“I hereby call on teachers and other officials who are victims of such criminal practices to report their case to the ministry’s anti-corruption unit”, she ordered.

It should be noted that Minister Naloya Lyonga had as greatest a wish to eliminate corruption in her ministry a few days after becoming the Minister of Secondary Education in March, 2018.

“I believe in speaking out to face challenges for a just cause… I want every activity to be done according to our President’s vision for 2035 in helping him to achieve his development agenda”, said Dr. Nalova Lyonga.


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