Like several Ghanaians, John Dumelo has been subjecting the proposal to build a new chamber for Ghana’s Parliament to intense scrutiny but the actor seems to have fallen on a dagger following a question posed to him by musician Samini.

Dumelo has in a series of tweets been suggesting that moves to construct the 450-seat chamber is a “misplaced priority” as he argues that the over $200 million to be used in erecting the edifice could be channeled into other projects which would directly benefit the ordinary Ghanaian.

“I have a strong feeling Parliament will not go ahead with the proposed new chamber building. At least not now. There are other important things to tackle immediately ie jobs for the youth, good healthcare, roads etc.” one of his tweets read.

“$200m can can build 10 factories to employ 10,000 youth. We the youth are pleading with parliament. Yes it’s necessary but pls don’t build that chamber now. #DropThatChamber” another read.

His post attracted several responses but Samini’s has stoked conversation on social media with several people describing the dancehall artiste’s response as savagery.

He tweeted: “Good point. Same way one #V8 cost can do wonders in my village boss. Did you try to keep it or they lied on you chale… 

Credit: Ghanaweb

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