Source: | Mafany Tande Myles, Cameroon

In less than two months, chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) John Fru Ndi, was kidnapped by pro-independence fighters for a second time!

The first time was in late April 2019 on his way to Kumbo, the chief town of the Bui division, Northwest Region of Cameroon. He was going there to accompany the casket of a prominent personality in his party, late Honourable Joseph Banadzem. Fortunately, he was released that same day!

This time, on June 28, 2019, he was kidnapped while having lunch following a medical checkup. His bodyguard was shot in the leg by gunmen before the chairman was taken away.

As you know, these pro-independence fighters have been battling government forces for over nearly three years now due to what is perceived as the marginalisation of English speakers by the nation’s French speaking dominated government.

Fru Ndi at a press conference narrating his ordeal

The chairman was released during the late hours of June 29, 2019 and returned home to his family members. The motive for his kidnap is unclear. Fru Ndi later on revealed during a press conference, that, at gunpoint, he was asked to withdraw all of his Members of Parliament from the House of Assembly, which he bravely said no to.

The kidnap that was carried out was strongly condemned by his family, the SDF and well-wishers. The government has not issued any statement yet.

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