Source: | Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon

Cholera recently has been spreading rapidly in the North and Far North regions in the country according to the Ministry of Public Health, leading to an increase in loss of lives.

Between December 2018 and February this year, 775 cases of cholera in the nation, specifically in these two regions have been recorded according to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health.

Included in the statistics, close to 7% of these cases are dead in Garoua, capital of the North region and 48 people are reported dead because of this deadly illness.

Due to the proximity of the Far North region to the North region, the former has seriously been affected with the alarming epidemic condition of the latter.

For fear of further contamination to other regions, the state has begun sensitizing its citizens against this sickness by broadcasting audiovisual messages on the national media and posters in public places of the country.

Last year on 15 July, the Ministry of Public Health revealed an outbreak of cholera in the country with 42 cases mostly from the Centre and North regions. Media sources further revealed that it can spread to the other regions regarding the presence of refugees in the northern parts of the nation living in unhygienic conditions, with limited access to health care.

With reports in September, the illness spread to the littoral region leading to an increase in 367 cases and 31 deaths.

It should be noted that cholera became rampant in Cameroon since 1971and the fatality rate has remained high since then. Due to the fluctuating climate in the different parts of the nation, the disease hasn’t been best comprehended by medical officials.

The last notable cholera outbreak was reported in 2014 still in the two northern regions of the country with more than 1500 cases reported.

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