Source:| Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon

The Ministry of Water and Energy, known by its French acronym as MINEE has signed an agreement with the American Hydromine Company on constructions of the Grand Eweng dam on River Sanaga, to boost electricity system in the country.

This letter of intent that was signed on July 5 is one of the largest projects in sub-saharan Africa, according to media reports which lays out the terms of the agreement. Under the supervision of MINEE, the Grand Eweng hydroelectric dam will be created for the production and sale of electricity.

Located near the village of Kan in the NYong and Kelle division of the centre region, is the dam, a lake and the hydroelectric plant that can produce close to 1800 MW and 900 GW per hour.

The agreement further reveals that 1000 MW will be added to the installed electricity capacity of the nation as the first phase of the project that will be funded instages. This, according to media reports might reach Cameroon’s demand for electricity, which has been estimated to be over 3,300 MW by 2030.

Peter Briger, CEO of Hydromine Company asserted that the Grand Eweng Project could attract international investments, taking Cameroon to higher heights to high standards of development.

“Looking at the benefits of this dam project in this country, we are committed to carrying out our own part to keep a safe relationship with local and international stakeholders” he said.

The project will benefit Cameroonians by offering electricity at a lower cost, which will also augment the industrialization process in the country.

It should also be noted that the construction of this dam will reduce water pollution by upgrading the management of water resources.

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