Source:| Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon

An inter-ministerial committee for Employment Monitoring (CISE) has held its third session in Yaounde to adopt the priority action plan 2019-2023, which is aimed at improving employment in the country.

Held last week on July 10 under the leadership of Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, it aims at creating decen jobs mostly for young people in the country through national investment projects. Thus, the implementation of the priority action plan which will progressively generate at least 350, 707 jobs per year, aimed at reaching the three million jobs target by 2023.

However, they have hopes of increasing the target number to 500.000 by 2023 considering the assistance of private sector companies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Cooperatives, in order to drastically solve the problem of unemployment in Cameroon.

“Unemployment is one of the huge problems the state has taken as one of its top priorities, so that every citizen of working age can have a decent job”, the Minister said.

 Regarded as plans of the government to improve activities in the labor market, it has created a method to ease employment in the nation. Therefore, the strategy includes re-structuring employment services, improve working conditions and assist the coordinated actions between the private and public companies geared towards employment.

Moreover, in order to acquire enough benefit from the above government strategy, a system has to be created for a yearly review of employment; and laws have to be adopted in the job giving process to ensure a balance employment ratio in the nation.

Also, gender-sensitive budgeting has to be included in the budgeting phase.

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