Source: | Ngewenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon

The Minister of Public Health, Mr. Malachie Manaouada, has paid a visit to some roadside drug vendors in the Central Market and Mokolo Market in Yaounde to educate them on various business ideas.

After carrying out a view on the medicines sold on streets, he realized the problem was just not about the absence of registered trademarks, but the different types. Thus, he sensitized the vendors advising them to begin another line of trade in order to avoid the seizure of drugs that will begin next week.

Minister Malachie

“I have discussed with these product sellers to convert to another business because we will begin the repressive system next week; we will seize the products and destroy them”, he said.

This phase is in accordance with a communique the minister released last week announcing that a brigade will seize and destroy any illicit health goods sold in stalls, kiosks, pharmacies and illegal warehouses. He also banned the sale of drugs on streets which relates to Law N0. 90/035 of 10 August 1990 in Article 93 which states that “any offense, display or distribution of drugs is prohibited on public roads, in fairs and markets to any person even holder of the pharmacist diploma”.

According to World Health Organization, close to seven out of ten pharmacies in Africa sell out counterfeit products, adding that over 100.00 people die yearly in Africa because of fake drugs.

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