The first Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya and the once famous indomitable lion,Roger Milla has been awarded international prizes of the Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce, IC3 and Diaspora for Development of Africa.

According to media sources, these two laureates will be honored in Sweden on 7th September due to the positive remarks they have left nationally and internationally as a humanitarian and a footballer.

Being the founder of the non-governmental foundation known as Chantal Biya Foundation in 1994 which has assisted most helpless patients and the needy in the country, Chantal Biya is awarded for her humanitarian aid by the leaders of the above initiative.

Adding to her duties as a philanthropist, she also inaugurated the Hospital Center for Research and Application in Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction in 2016 known by its French acronym as CHRACERH. Within the same year, the centre blessed three Cameroonian women (32, 42 and 52 years old) with babies through an artificial insemination.

The most touching case which was the 52 Years old menopause lady had been waiting for 3O years to have her second child.

She is also the founder of the International Reference Center Chantal Biya, initiative of CERAC, Circle of friends of Cameroon and President of the Association of African Synergies, which is favor of her award.

While Roger Milla is also being awarded as the oldest scorer ever in World Cup regarding the only Cameroonian goal he made in the match against Russia in America, 1994. Though Cameroon had lost 6 goals to 1 within the play, Roger Milla at 42 years old scored the unremarkable goal which qualifies him as the oldest scorer in the history of World Cup.

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