Source:| Aime Sougliman, Togo

The St. Daniel Comboni Parish of Mary Mother of Redeemer of Adidogomé  Sunday, July 28 organized a press conference within its premises to launch the first edition of a public speaking competition labeled “Les Jeunes Parle”.

Les Jeune Parle seeks to bring Catholics together to express themselves in public, to help them in oral self-defense and to finally help them to reason in a Christian manner with a certain coherence.

During the launch, a jury of four was formed to select the winner of the first edition of the competition. They included President of the Jury, Mrs. Odile Tsipoaka, President of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Jacques Agbogli, The Youth Chaplian, Rev. Fr. Ceola Manuel, and the CCACJ Camille Midadjé.

Mrs. Odile Tsipoaka noted that young persons between the ages of 15 and 35 qualify for the competition. Moreover, eight teams qualified for the first edition of the competition. They were teams Adigome 1 and 2, Agblegan, Akato, Gblekomegan, Kleme, Wonyome and Zossime.

Initiator of the project and Italian priest, Rev. Fr. Manuel, for his part congratulated the competitors for their presence at the conference and encouraged them to keep it on because of the immense benefits they stand to get.

He said, “We do not promise a post to anyone, but we will have decent prices for the winners. It is also an experience that you will acquire, if I learned one day that some of you thanks to this verbal battle became president of the republic, I would be the happiest man in the world”.

The organizers announced that the main competition starts on August 25, 2019 with teams  Zossimé  and Wonyomé.

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