Source:| Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon (Yaounde)

The Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Madeleine Tchuinte has launched the recruitment of 150 Cameroonian researchers, with 30 places reserved for Cameroonians out of the country. This is following a call for application of the country’s researchers by the ministry.

In a press statement released by Minister Madeleine on July 29, she announced the starting process of recruiting researchers from the country on behalf of establishments under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation commonly known as MINRESI.

Further stating that this is for the 2019 fiscal year, she revealed that she has altered some things in the recruitment process of the researchers. “Our compatriots out of the country will have to deposit their files in the Cameroonian embassies of their respective country of residence to ease their application process”, she said.

She also said that the deadline for accepting application files has changed as it will be from 2nd to 30th August.

It should be noted that the recruitment of 173 researchers for 2017 financial year in the nation exceeds the 150 researchers the government wants to recruit for this year.

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