Source:| Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon (Yaounde)

The renowned cement company of Cameroon, CIMENCAM has recently placed a new product with unequaled properties in the market known as SUBLIM. This was at the official launch of this new white cement in Douala on 31 August.

In the launch ceremony that was proceeded by the General Manager, Benoît Galichet, it was revealed that the new white cement is a cement type 42.5 R, with two days resistance according to official cement specification. After 28 days, its strength is between 42.5 and 52.5 MPA (measure of concrete strength). With these encouraging features of this new product made in Cameroon, official sources say it is a real added value for construction professionals and households in the country.

According to CIMENCAM, SUBLIM can be applied in various ways including tile joint, decorative screed, plastering, tile making, architectural elements, swimming pools, porch and public works. With these diverse ways of using SUBLIM, Benoît Galichet further stated in the event that their main goal is to provide a solid package for durable preservation of houses to its customers and also to satisfy their customers with affordable costs of this new product.

While talking during the launching ceremony, Louis Désiré Côme Awono, president of the national order of Cameroon’s architects, ONAC, congratulated CIMENCAM’s effort of making a new brand product. “CIMENCAM has defended its position as an undisputed leader in the production field of building materials in Cameroon and Central Africa”, he said.

However, it should be noted that CIMENCAM has a workforce of about 350 employees with four operational sites in Cameroon namely; a concrete plant at Olembe in Yaounde, grinding station at Bonaberi, Douala and Nomayos, Mankomo, and an integrated cement plant at Figuil in the North region.

Given the fact that decent housing in Cameroon is a national crucial problem, sources say this new product of CIMENCAM will contribute in solving this problem.

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