Source:| Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon (Yaounde)

The Minister of Domains, Cadastre and Land Affairs, Henri Eyebe Ayissi has signed a partnership agreement with the African Director of Belgian Consortium IIDG, Elfallahi Rahima Dina and its Director, Franck Marie Ronald Smolders, who is also the Co-manager of the company, Hotels and residences of Cameroon, for the construction of the Radisson Blu hotel branch in Yaounde.

In the signing ceremony that occurred in Yaounde on 10th September, the Minister revealed that the project is an upcoming resort complex with a 25-storey tower, a yacht-like block of about 7 stories, swimming pools, VIP villas, 5-star hotel and a luxurious hotel with at least 300 rooms. Also included in the project apart from the hotel construction are international standard restaurants, sports facilities, a fitness center, shops and leisure areas at the site according to the minister.

The project, official sources say, has an investment estimated at about 80 billion FCFA and the work is expected to go on for 24-30 months due to the land bases.

Mentioned in the agreement, Cameroon’s government has yielded a piece of land in Yaounde for the realization of this project that has an area of two hectares. It should be recalled that this parcel of land was declared for public use by the Presidential decree on June 2018.

Talking to the press, Henri Eyebe, also stated that this project is intended to augment the tourism and leisure sector of the country and to reinforce the business relations and links between Cameroon and Belgium.

However, the American brand Radission Blu hotel will launch its first branch in the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala in the first quarter of 2021. The project is a public-private partnership between Sky Towers Hospitality and National Social Insurance Fund with French acronym, CNPS that will cost 25 billion FCFA.

It has been revealed by reliable sources that the project will be the transformation and rehabilitation of CNPS buildings in Bonanjo, Douala into a five-star hotel with a capacity of 180 rooms.

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