Source: | Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon (Yaounde)

The government of Cameroon has recently produced a device known as Dias’Invest 237 to facilitate the local investments of its Diasporas living in France.

It is operated by the Ministry of External Relations with its French acronym, MINREX, and financed by the French Development Agency (AFD).

This device, AFD, says is also aimed at accelerating project planning, business creation and development in the country by Cameroonians residing in France. As part of its activities, some selected business projects will be assisted by experts without any pay. They will carry out a strategic follow-up in business creation and development, professional consult support in the field of activity and a connection with proficient networks.

For a selected contractor, official sources say, the device will offer three stages to diagnose the project and come out with an agenda.

For each selected contractor, the device offers three phases of project diagnosis and a roadmap. There is also a phase of acceleration, during which the support of the entrepreneur will be implemented according to a roadmap carried out in consultation with the latter and detailing the necessary support path for the realization of the project.

To benefit from Dias’Invest, 237 candidates can apply on the eponymous website, until December 15, 2019. Business projects to Cameroon carried by members of the Cameroonian diaspora in France (without distinction of nationality) and Cameroonians who have stayed in France and returned to Cameroon for less than 3 years are eligible.

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