Source:|Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon (Yaounde)

The Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) has launched a tender at an estimated cost of 329 million FCFA, to accessorize the Bamougoum, Bafoussam airport, official sources have revealed.

Launched on 20th September, the sources say it is part of the hosting plans of the upcoming African Cup of Nations Football, CAN 2019, expected in the capital city of the West region, Bafoussam, in the country. CCAA has therefore taken it as duty to embellish the airport, specifically its passenger terminal through the implementation of several projects.

It was further revealed that the activities to be carried out at the airport will include installation of construction sites, the demolition work, removal of plumbing fixtures, coating, wood and aluminum joinery, removal of old ceilings, floor, wall cladding, installation of video surveillance and supply of electricity. Also included is the removal of granito slabs around the terminal building.

Other sources also disclosed that there will be supply installation and commissioning of signage, sound, air conditioning, wood carpentry, false ceiling, aluminum carpentry and glazing. An airlock and fire detection will be constructed regarding the security sector of the airport, including waterproofing, painting and exterior fittings for decoration.

The contracting authority for the performance of these works has allocated four months period to get it done following the call for tenders. The 329 million FCFA was estimated after preliminary studies of the work had been carried out and an invitation to tender has been given out by the state to Cameroon companies specialized in Building.

According to reliable sources, the Bamougoum airport in Bafoussam is a secondary (inland) airport in Cameroon and it welcomes passengers on special flights. Stationed to serve as an arrival point for spectators of CAN 2019 football games, the airport has been hosting flights using the Chinese-made MA 60 of Camair-Co since June 2016. They further revealed that their flights are also done at night.

Camair Aeroplane landing at the Bafoussam airport, undergoing renovation at Bamougoum

The aerodrome has occupied an area of ​​450 hectares and equipped with a landing strip of 2500metres by 45. It can accommodate an aircraft with a maximum weight of 60 tons and has a parking lot where three medium-sized aircraft can park and a terminal designed to accommodate 150,000 passengers a year.

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