Source: |Ngwenekome Priscilia Ahone, Cameroon (Yaounde)

Cameroon, together with the international community, commemorated the 29th International Day of Older Persons this Tuesday 01st October 2019.

Under the theme: “Towards Equality between Age Groups”, this day helps to draw the attention of the national and international community, to raise the awareness of the public authorities and all actors in the production chain of the elderly.

In the Western Region, the esplanade of the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs to host the commemorative ceremony in the presence of the authorities including Paulette Wotchuen representative of the governor and also, chief of division of the police and the organization administrative.

A group of five multi-ethnic seniors standing together in a park wearing casual clothing, smiling at the camera.

In his remarks, the president of the Western Seniors Association will start by thanking the authorities; “In the past, older people were abandoned to themselves, but for moment, the Cameroonian government is with the elderly of the West” said Lassi Pierre, before presenting some difficulties that the association meets.

The regional office is not working well because of lack of financial means and office equipment, it should be noted that in the region of the setting sun, this association has already managed to establish 65 branches in all 8 departments, this with the assistance of the regional delegate for social affairs of the West who wants to organize every last Friday of the month , an educational council for seniors.

Within this organization, there are a total of 16013 elderly people. Listed, unfortunately, the association says that in just 10 months, 263 people lost their lives.

Recall that by resolution 45/016 of 14 December 1990, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to celebrate the 1st of October of each year, the International Day of the Elderly (JIPA).

The first edition took place in 1991. The resolution responds to the growing concern of the international community about aging, the first global manifestations of which have been translated almost a decade earlier by the first one.

World Summit on Aging, held from 26 July to 06 August 1982 in Vienna, Austria. The willingness of the UN to see states now taking age-related concerns into account in their policies and programs with a view to providing adequate responses to the specific problems and expectations of older people, subsequently materialized into a series of measures and meetings.

The general objective is therefore to raise the awareness of the national community about the problem of aging and strengthening the autonomy of the elderly person, in order to optimize their possibilities of well-being throughout their existence, and to ensure its full contribution to the national development effort.

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