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On World Rural Women’s Day, 15th October, 2019 the Association Action Libre Afrique (ALIA) organized a sensitization programme for women at Somgandé in Ouagadougou.

Under the theme “Right to Security and End Violence”, the programme was part of 17 Days of Activism for the Empowerment of Rural Women and their Communities which started from 1st to 17th October, 2019. It brought together 21 women from rural communities across the country.

The campaign’s aim was to sensitize women on their basic rights and financial empowerment. ALIA’s permanent secretary, Constance Zorome Kabore, announced that “this campaign is also part of a Rural Women’s Creativity Award I have received”. The prize was awarded by Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF).

During interaction with the women, they made references to the limits of the policy of free health care, marital problems, early marriage, excision, etc.

Images of violence against women were presented to them to make them aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Constance Zorome displaying a photo of a physically abused woman to participants

Also, the case of widows was not passed over in silence. The widows among them were sensitized on the need to move on in life after the death of their husbands. Women in rural Burkina Faso face enormous difficulties after the death of their husbands. Usually after the redistribution of the deceased husband’s properties, the children are left for the widows, who are mostly unemployed, to take care of.

ALIA taught them how to produce liquid soap for their financial empowerment. On behalf of the women, Angela Ouedraogo, President of the Wendgoudi Association, hailed this initiative because, according to her, they learned a lot about women’s rights. She admonished the participants to take a keen interest in the education of their children because “they represent tomorrow’s generation, hope and the future”.

The women being taught how to produce liquid soap

ALIA was founded in 2014 and it fights for the empowerment of rural women in their communities.

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