An Egyptian-Japanese joint archeological mission unearthed a catacomb engraved in a stone in Giza Province, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said Tuesday.

“The catacomb, which dates back to the first and second century of the Roman era, was found in Saqqara area to the south of the capital Cairo,” Sabry Farah, general manager of Saqqara Archeological Site, was quoted by a ministry statement as saying.

This undated photo provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows the site of a catacomb in Giza Province, Egypt

The tomb has a mud-brick building with a ladder and a room engraved in limestone, he added.

This is the first Roman tomb to be discovered in Saqqara area.

“Five statues of Isis were found in the tomb alongside some clay utensils near the front gate of the catacomb,” the statement said.

Five statues of Isis unearthed in a catacomb in Giza, Egypt by an Egyptian-Japanese joint archeological mission in Giza Province.

In the catacomb, a room measuring 15 meters high and two meters wide was also unearthed, said Farah.

Credit: xinhuanet

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