Source: / Priscilia Ngwenekome Ahone, Cameroon

The Director General of NTFOODS “TANTY” Company, Thierry Nyamen, has
refuted claims in a leaked document which states that the industry’s employees must respond to all publications of the General Manager’s on social networks, or risk being punished.

This agribusiness company specialized in the processing of local agricultural products saw this document last week in its social network group, official sources have revealed.

Bearing the Company’s stamp and dated November 2 last week, it clearly stated that each and every employee of NTFOODS have to henceforth comment on any post or publication of the Director General in their Whatsapp groups.

“It is brought to the attention of all employees of NTFoods that henceforth, they must comment to any post or publication of the Director General”, it reads. It further stated that there will be sanctions to those that would not comment within 24 hours prior to the post release.”

However, Thierry Nyamen, the General Manager has uttered evidences to prove that this statement is false as he says it lacks a letterhead which is a tradition in every document from this medium sized enterprise.

“Our company has over 60 employees and some of them do not have smart phones or cell, especially the machinists who do not even have primary certificates; it will then be impossible to expect every worker to comment on our Facebook and Whatsapp posts”, he said.

Other reliable sources also disclosed that the document did not feature the proper signature of the company, but that of another person. Dan Ambamba which surfaced in the letter, the source further revealed, is not found in the staff database of the company.

According to trustworthy online sources, NTFOODS Company has been active in the food market of Cameroon for over 15 years and it has grown to specialize in the processing of local products like corn, soybean and groundnut. Located in Messamendongo neighborhood of Yaounde, it produces close to 20 products which include vegetable oils, chips, biscuits, powdered baby foods and caramels. Its goods are found in shops, supermarkets and local markets.

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