African leaders are more fixated on issues beyond their borders than ones within their continent. In fact when it comes to issues about the African continent, it is as though African leaders suffer from some form of willful blindness. 

The swift solidarity and empathy they tend to share when issues of the West flares up raises eyebrows because same is not seen when it has to do with issues of Africa.

The Notre Dame of Fire, France

During the notre dame fires, an incident which didn’t claim a single life, African leaders and its people empathized with France and even contributed towards the rebuilding of the structure while around the same time Madagascar was experiencing flood, south Sudan was going through a genocidal period etc. 

It was around this time that France was able to get over $700 million in a single day in response to the Notre Dame fire which some Africans and their leaders even contributed. 

Though such an act is impressive,  it also vexes African people with knowledge in  history , who are aware of how France destroyed parts of Africa and her civilization with colonization. In fact France continues to bleed her colonies with colonial taxes to make sure French-Africa is always in a bad state. 

Today, afrophobia is at its peak in South Africa and same African leaders seem not to care; And even if they do, not with much concern like they show when the problems have to do with the West. No one is saying Africans should be happy when  crisis befall the West and her neighbors; All we are saying is, support in terms of finance, solidarity and media coverage have to be in same swift and empathizing ways when issues of the African continent comes up. 

Afrophobia (Xenophobia) in South Africa

The days of Black people rising up and supporting everyone else, without demanding or getting the same in return must be halted.

Credit: www.africaawakes.com (Serwaa Ampaafo)

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