Deposed former Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir faces a possible death sentence for his role in the 1989 military coup that removed Sudan’s democratically elected government of Sadid Al Mahdi from power.

Sudanese Attorney General Taj Al Heaber is trying to build confidence in the judiciary – following the installation of a new transitional authority in the wake of the recent revolution – and announced that he has formed a committee to investigate the June 30, 1989, military putsch which was led by Bashir and supported by the National Islamic Front (NIF), the Sudan Tribune reported.

The committee’s findings will form the basis of prosecution of the Islamic Movement’s leaders, including civilians and military personnel, for undermining the constitutional system.

Should the former president be found guilty he could face either the death penalty or life imprisonment as the charge has no limitation or time-lapse.

Bashir is already incarcerated and facing a possible trial over economic crimes committed during his 30-year reign.

Meanwhile, Sudan Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok is now on a diplomatic offensive to have Sudan removed from the US state sponsors of terrorism blacklist, which has limited its ability to attract investments or secure external financing for development in the face of a $55bn debt stockpile.

Former Sudanese Prez Omar Al Bashir

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