By: Ahmed Jalloh/ Sierra Leone

Determine to leave all behind for a cross to a new life.

Determine to accept the struggles ahead than to shoulder the burden behind.

This identity forces us to be wise

At sea we summon subdued prayers for safety with tears that embody all demise with half hope  to reach our promise land.

We look at the dead and don’t feel sorry for the living.

This struggle introduces man to himself

We live by the day with abundance hope acutely absent from our daily feats.

We too want to wake up late and happy, but our dreams haven’t rhyme with our present.

We have seen others on boat marring but not for us, our tears and hesitant minds are enough to sink us before we could sail.

Alone at sea we are nowhere, our cries comfort us. We looked out  but help was not there

Between our tears is death and a new life. God saves us, this is not where we wish it to end.

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