By: Azietrogah Freeman Yaovi Awlesu/, Ghana.

Residents of Anyaa-Sowutoum Constituency of the Ga Central Municipality in the Accra Region have threatened to embark on a massive demonstration because of the deplorable state of their roads.

They pointed out that, the deplorable state of the roads in the area, was a difficult situation which most commuters have to endure on daily basis.

According to them, they had on countless occasions appealed to the authorities of Highways, the Member of Parliament (MP), the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ga Central Municipal Assembly and the Minister of Roads and Transport to address the issue but to no avail.

“We’ve been talking about it for some time now but nothing concrete has happened. I am optimistic that your (referring to this reporter) visit to do this story will open a whole new chapter and bring the kind of results we are all looking for,” the residents said.

They told AFRICA NAKUA that “car owners and drivers have been visiting mechanic shops everyday due to the deplorable state of the roads”.

AFRICA NAKUA observed that most of the linked roads in the community were in deplorable conditions, making it extremely difficult for commuters, drivers and residents.

Besides most of the roads had developed deep potholes due to the lack of a proper drainage system in the community.

It also found out that since there were no gutters in the vicinity, erosion had worsened the already bad state of the roads.

AFRICA NAKUA was told that the opinion leaders in Kwashiebu in their effort to salvage the situation after several calls on the authorities failed to yield results, they mobilised some resources from the residents to construct gutters, which were not enough to address the poor drainage system in the area.

The owners of the schools in Kwashiebu enclave area expressed worry over the development and called on the government to do something as soon as possible to save the situation.

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