By: Freeman Koryekpor/, Ghana

Management of Central North District Assembly in the Volta Region and the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) have taken measures to standardize all the commercial boats operating on the Volta Lake in the district; District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Assembly, Mr Thomas Moore Zonyrah has disclosed.

He pointed out that measures and plans are far advanced to ensure that the main causes of the boat disasters associated with overloading of boats with people and goods are nipped in the bud.

“In clear terms, we are saying that we are not going to entertain circumstance where the boat would carry more people and goods than its capacity,” the DCE stressed.

The DCE had loquaciously given several talks of hope about what they were doing and will do to prevent future accidents on the Volta Lake.

DCE- Mr.Thomas Moore Zonyrah

Speaking in an interview with AFRICA NAKUA to outdate the reporter on the measures taken to ensure boat-accidents-free on the Volta lake in the area, Mr Zonyrah stated that there were measures by the Assembly and NADMO to inspect existing boats in operation and retire those not inland water worthy.

He directed that all boat owners and operators to be reorganized and ensure the effective enforcement of boat transportation in the area.

According to him, the Assembly and NADMO have scaled up comprehensive measures by way of educating the commercial boat owners and operators to comply with the standard  maritime transport traffic and safety practices to mitigate the perennial Volta Lake disasters in the area.

He added that the Assembly with the help of NADMO also took the various boat owners and operators through disasters risk management training and marine transport operations to equip their knowledge on the nagative effects and implications of the boat disasters on the national economy development.

According to Zonyrah, reports of the frequent boat accidents associated with lost of many lives and properties on the Volta lake have become a source of worry to the authorities of the Assembly.

This development, he noted has informed their decision to intensify education for operators to comply with the standard health and safety practices to reduce the incident drastically.

He noted that the Assembly and NADMO in discharging their tasks and duties had numbered each boat with the number of persons excluding the luggage to take.

He pointed out that the day-to-day commercial operational activities of boat operators in the over bank on the Volta Lake have been supervised and monitored by the officials of the NADMO closely to ensure that the operators follow the provisions in the transport traffic and safety rules and regulations.

To this end, Mr Zonyrah called on the boat owners and operators to always endeavor to have life jackets in their boats.

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