By :Yaovi Azietrogah Awlesu/,Ghana

Madam Grace Konu, 55, an Accra-based business woman has been out-doored as the first market Queen-Mother for Accra CMB-Agbogbloshie enclaves in the Greater Accra Region, under the stool name, Naa Ayekai Korley Dudor I (Dzalanye), with a call on the traders to stop infighting, indiscipline and disrespect against one another in the market.

She stated that these anti-social practices  among the market folks have created a huge division and are the major challenges of social and economic development and growth in the commercial trading centre in Accra CMB-Agbogbloshie enclaves.

According to the queen, the disrespect and indiscipline which compounded with the disputes in the market, create fear, panic and sense of insecurity among traders and that has contributed to low productivity and economic retrogression in the market.

Naa Ayekai Korley Dudor I expressed this sentiment when she delivered her acceptance speech after the principal kingmakers in the Korley Royal Stool and Deity Shrine have performed traditions and customs to officially outdoor her to the general public.

The official coronation and outdooring ceremony which was done on Saturday January 11, 2020 in commercial trading centre in Accra CMB-Agbogbloshie amidst jubilation of well-wishers, friends, families, loyalists, and sympathisers of Naa Ayekai Korley Dudor I and all men and women trading in the area.

Under the supervision of the Korley Priestess, Naa Korley and Korley Wulomo, Numo Okai l, Head of the Nii Adey Nkpa from Bortianor, Nii Ardey Nkpa and Stool father of Ardey Nkpa family, Issac Ansah, the new queen was made to swear an oath of allegiance after which both traditional and religious prayers were held to purify her.

A libation prayer was made to invite blessings, guidance and protection for her. She was then clothed in white garment, while well-wishers, friends and families made merry and congratulated her on her enstoolment.

Since the inception of the Ga Traditional Council of chiefs,Naa Ayekai Korley Dudor I is the only person to be installed the first market Queen mother for Accra CMB-Agbogbloshie enclaves.

Naa Ayekai Korley Dudor I has now resumed her role as the overall queen of theAccra CMB-Agbogbloshie, some sections along the Agbogbloshie railway, Kingsway, traders around Accra Brewery, Liberty Avenue, Farisco and its surrounding areas in Accra.

The enstoolment of a market queen was very necessary because she would serve as a mediator between chiefs and traders, which means that she would be responsible for communicating policies of the chiefs to the traders, while she also communicated their worries, needs and challenges to the chiefs.

The queen would help check the act of some unscrupulous people who went to the traders claiming to be sent by the chiefs in order to extract money from them, explaining that every policy would be made in the knowledge of the queen.

Naa Ayekai Korley Dudor I called on traditional rulers to continue to play very critical roles in the development of every society because when there are problems within their jurisdictions, it has a greater effect on how the communities progress.

She charged all the traders and their factions to employ the sense of compromise and forgiveness to end the long standing disputes among the market folks which she said would help create an enabling environment for people trading in the market to increase productivity and enhance national development.

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