Attempts by some residents and land developers to malign, blackmail and sabotage the Chief of Gbetsile, a developing community under the Kpone Traditional Area of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I, with the claims that he hired the services of the notorious landguards to cause damage to uncompleted buildings and footings of land developers has completely misfired.

The recent move can be described as a sinister plot hatched by some land developers and residents against Gbetsile Chief in the media reports published in some various newspapers and online news portals on Monday January 27, 2020, with the headline “Landguards on Rampage at Gbetsile….chief cited.”

But painstaking investigations conducted by AFRICA NAKUA corroborated the information from the corridors of the Gbetsile Divisional Stool and Kpone Traditional Area that Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune l did not engage the services of any land guards to guide the Gbetsile Stool lands in the area.

In summary, the report claimed that the landguards who are alleged to be working for the Gbetsile Chief and one Alhaji Alkakade do not only cause damage to uncompleted buildings and footings of developers but also infringe machete wounds on residents and land developers.

A developer, Daniel Acheampong noted that ” this is not the first, second or third time we are being attacked and our properties being destroyed by land guards purported to be working for the Gbetsile Chief and it is becoming alarming as we live in fear” he said.

“When I bought my land years ago Gbetsile had no chief and I was developing in peace until this chief came.

The chief upon assumption of office told me I needed to pay some commitment fee of GH¢ 2500 to the stool before I could continue with my project which I paid. But, a year after paying the said money I am told the receipt has expired and I needed to renew it before I could continue my building project.

As a result of that, land guards allegedly from the Chief’s palace had to beat my workers and threaten to infringe machete wounds on them if they dared continue to work. So without any option, I had to pay them another money to enable me continue with my project”

Several other developers and residents complained of the intimidation and brutalities they face in the hands of these weapon wielding landguards.

However, speaking to the media yesterday to set the records straight on the matter, Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I, vehemently refuted the claims, saying that he never employed any land guard to guide the Gbetsile Stool lands, adding that the persons on the lands are only Gbetsile Stool family members.

Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I

“I’m a law abiding person and I have never had a brush with the law. Why will I hire the services of the land guards to guide our stool lands when l know for sure that government is currently waging war against the irresponsible activities of landguards in the country,” the chief stated.

He explained that the land in question was the property of the Gbetsile Divisional Stool  and that some elders of Kpone Traditional Area  including Mr Emmanuel Tetteh Anankwah, Mr Emmanuel Tetteh Anum and Mr Peterson Kwakufio (complaints) have taken his elders in the persons of Numo Kwaku Teye , Samuel Tettey Kwaku, Tetteh Tettey and Mr Nelson Martey to the Court of Appeal in Accra.

But fortunately, according to him, the court of the competent jurisdiction ruled the case in favour of his elders.

He pointed out that after they won the case he together with his elders have largely informed those who bought pieces of the lands from these aforementioned complaints in that area at Gbetsile to come to the Stool to regularise their land documents.

Ironically, the chief noted that the developers failed to comply, hence “our  recent decision to prevent them to continue their project devoid of using land-guards.”

According to him, “I have never engaged the activities of landguards and never will I do so  because I know the law and the law indeed frowns on the use of landguards and so I debunk that allegation.

“The only time I destroyed someone’s project was when a land my father gave me was being encroached upon by some developer so I sent my brothers together with a machine to go and level the foundation, leaving the fence wall that has been built around the land; it was not even a footing but a foundation that was leveled; he noted. I am a peace loving person and will not do anything against the law”. He explained.

The Gbetsile Chief also clarified that no land developer has paid an amount of money to the stool for the purchase of his land and later he told that developer that his receipt backing his payment was expired.

“I want to be somebody to be transparent and truthful traditional office holder if today l am not around many people should talk a good things about me….and for that matter you cannot excite me with money. I know the law very well that if you have paid me an amount of money for buying of land from the Gbetsile Divisional Stool and l have given you a receipt backing your payment legally, then it can never be expired.

“I am telling you that it can never  expired. If people are saying something of that nature, they must clarify it,” he noted.

He pointed out that there are hard evidence in the records book of the Gbetsile Divisional Stool under the Kpone Royal Paramountcy of the samples of the various receipts being issued to many prospective land developers who bought lands genuinely and legally from the Gbetsile Divisional Stool.

“I want to state categorically that those land developers who bought the lands from the stool and came to the stool to pay an amount of money and l have issued and certified their receipts have their receipts still valid. So if there is issue of someone have problems with his receipts he/she should feel free to come to the stool and report and l would prioritize response and take action,” the chief stressed.

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