Robert Mugabe died in Singapore so you have joined Western propagandists and your slave masters to sing the chorus ‘he is a failure’ without putting your own brain at work to evaluate facts.

For 100 years (excluding non-official period) the colonizers enslaved and ruled Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) under their total dominance!

During this period of western control, the people of Zimbabwe had no right to education. Access to education was considered a privilege and not a right, hence, black Zimbabweans were allowed to go to school only if the colonizers consider such children to have potential to support their cause. At the time of Zimbabwe gaining her republic status in 1987, literacy rate of Black Zimbabweans stood at 7.6% with only a handful of these literates holding any University degree.

Mugabe ruled for 29 years (as a president) from 1987 to 2017 and he made access to education a fundamental human right, and also free in the country. He built many schools from basic to universities across the country and moved the country’s literacy rate from 7.6 to 89% at the end of his rule. Yet, colonizers say he is a failure and you repeat it without using your brain.

On healthcare, from nearly 0% access to healthcare by black Zimbabweans who do not work for the colonial administration, Mugabe was able to bring to his People, a universal access to healthcare during his 29 year rule. He may not have built the number 1 hospital of the world in Zimbabwe but he made sure that in the short period of his ruling, healthcare is spread universally! Yet, you call him a failure because the person who ruled for 100 years without anything to show calls him so!

Mugabe could have been made Mugabe of the world like you hail Mandela today without knowing what he specially did for his people and Africa, if he had agreed to work for the interest of the colonizers against the interest of his people.

Credit: Anonymous

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