By: Kwawu Victor/, Ghana

Leadership has been a powerful tool used by kingdoms, states and countries to turn their fortunes around even in the worst of situations. However, this critical role of leadership in the life of a nation seems to be different in the case of Mama Africa over the decades. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has really brought the world to a standstill and world leaders are crying simply because the antidotes to curb this menace is proving futile.

The question that is worth asking is how is the continent of Africa and her leadership faring in these difficult times knowing that the novel coronavirus has made a public show of even organized and well-equipped health system in the U.S.A, Germany, China, Italy, France and Spain?

Seeing the pictures painted before her in mirrors of so- called powerful nations, Africa has already started lamenting for her soul as she sees in retrospect the major problem confronting her being greed and fear or insecurity which are deeply rooted in the political leadership system.

Leading through COVID-19

The lack of enthusiasm in political leadership consistently displayed in different forms such as absolute indifference in the affairs of the ordinary citizen, corruption, wasteful and greedy allocation of resources, nepotism and cronyism, blatant lies, intolerance among others, stares the continent in the face in this COVID -19 pandemic times.

Had the unfinished projects, such as good roads, well-equipped schools, affordable housing, highly-resourced hospitals, jobs etcetera, which were started by previous governments been completed by succeeding governments a big challenge like CORONAVIRUS OR COVID-19 would have been controlled well.

The African haven we ardently dream of has  suddenly been scouted to the banquet of death by leaders who refuse to adhere to accurate expert principles of modern leadership.

Interestingly, in these trying times, instead of supporting medical research in all forms possible to find the antidote to conquer the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, African politicians are making puerile moves to score cheap political points. Folks, COVID-19 does not care about political colours, it would devour its prey with her teeth of destruction.

As if that is not enough, they make mockery of themselves by weakly blowing their own horns in the midst of this deadly plague that has befallen man whiles looking up to Europe to support their greedy selves and their countries with loans when the actual fact is that, these nations are already swimming in the pool of tears from a shadow casted by the COVID-19. It is about time to get proactive and continentally “self-isolate”.

African leaders should close all their boarders and ensure that their citizens are mandatorily self-quarantined. In this dead age, COVID-19 is already in all of our hands literally and figuratively.

In conclusion, I believe strongly that Africa will survive this one too like she did slavery and colonialism.  African leaders should come to terms with reality and transform the continent for the better, now and  after this pandemic, so that Africa Nakua- Africa rise.

Kwawu Victor is a student journalist at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

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