By: Richard Fiebor/, Ghana

With the major cities in Ghana on lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus, you might be relying on StarTimes more than ever especially for their new educational program called “Home Schooling” on the ST KIDS channel.

To help fight the spread of the coronavirus, the leading TV Operator in Africa makes it easy for all subscribers to go out less and avoid crowded places in order to prevent cross-infection.

StarTimes is therefore offering various online solutions to help subscribers to keep watching TV safely.

In a press statement intercepted by AFRICA NAKUA, the terrestrial and satellite TV services provider announces that “As you stay home, you can purchase and recharge bouquets through MTN Mobile Money (Momo), StarTimes’ MTN Merchant Sim number (0558704402), Slydepay and through StarTimes dealers across the country. Meanwhile, by linking your smart card with the StarTimes ON application, you can recharge or upgrade your TV bouquet directly with your phone.”

The leading Pay TV operator in Africa has upgraded its content offering to cater for the needs of your family. Meanwhile, their new APP, StarTimes ON which is on OTT platform opens free accessto over100 international and local channels.

StarTimes is the foremost digital terrestrial and satellite television services provider in Africa. It provides technologies to countries and broadcasters that are switiching from analog to digital television.

Please read the full press statement below:

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