By: Tolu Ojewunmi/, Nigeria

As the world is cruelly confronted by a deadly pandemic which is adversely affecting lives, businesses, and causing death, there is hysteria and everything comes to a stand-still. In the midst of all these, you have cause to worry and be afraid that the worst might happen to you or your family.

But practically, there are some measures you can and must take to protect yourself and your loved ones from contracting the deadly coronavirus

Here are some tips on things you can do:

1. Practice Daily Hygiene: Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes mouth and

nose. This may sound difficult at first, ensure you have a clean tissue with you all the time. Have a

hand sanitizer with you to disinfect your hands from germs. Also, frequently clean places your

hands come in contact with. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or tissue paper. Maintain healthy practices while at home.

2. Stay Informed & Be Calm: A lot of authentic information is being shared by the World Health Organization, International News Agencies, Websites like, the traditional media- Radio and Television- and  on social media: Facebook (Africa Nakua) Instagram (@africanakua) Twitter (@africa_nakua) and on WhatsApp.

It is very advisable to stay abreast with the time since the masses are at home in major African cities which are on a lockdown. The right information will help youmake the right decisions in these times.

3. Practicing Social Distancing is one way of stopping the spread and also preventing the virus

from spreading. The best thing to do however is to stay at home.

4. Stay Indoors & Work from Home: If you recently had a visitor an infected country. It’s

important you stay at home for some time to observe if you have been infected. Working from

home also stop the spread of the virus.

5. Symptoms Is A Sign: If you have a fever, consistent headache, cough or difficulty breathing

ensure you seek medical care early, do not wait until it gets worse. Most countries have a hotline number you can call, so endeavour to reach out. Don’t just stay in self-isolation, reach out.

6. Take courses that improve on your career path, business or personal life. We improve by

consistently learning. Use this time to get better at what you do. Look for ways to improve and educate yourself to be better in your industry.

Search for tools that would make you more effective in both your career and personal life.

Connect with people that are doing well in that field you are in and network with them. Do not take a pause on your growth, seek out new ways to grow better and wiser.

7. Share The Information: All the information you have verified thus far you need to share with

family & friends. No matter how much information you think may be out there, someone may

need the information you have, so endeavour to share.

8. Spread Love: Take out time to check on your colleagues, friends & family members. A simple message like: “Just thought I should check up on you and how are you coping?” goes a long way. Never make any assumption that everybody is okay. You don’t necessarily have to call but a simple message can go a long way.

9. Live In Faith Not Fear: with all the news that is going around, the feeling of being fearful, terrified or afraid may want to come in but you need to live in Faith. You need to believe very strongly that you would see the end of the Coronavirus and it won’t see the end of you.

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