A map showing China and Zambia.

Ugandan musician-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has offered to help airlifts Africans allegedly being mistreated in China after reports that hundreds of Africans are being evicted form their homes and hotels in the Chinese city of Guangzhou over fears the coronavirus was spreading in African communities.

Bobi Wine and U.S. businessman Neil Nelson released a statement saying that they are ready to airlift the Africans if any African country agrees to receive them.

Bobi Wine tweeted:

The United States has condemned reports of the racist attacks on African nationals in the Chinese city of Guangzhou calling the videos and stories “appalling.”

Meanwhile Kwesi Quartey, the deputy chair of the AU Commission has said that the Chinese Ambassador Liu Yuxi,  says given the closeness of the relations between China and Africa, the reported incidences were clearly unacceptable and also reiterated the immense value China places on its relationship with Africa and China’s commitment to protecting and developing this relationship.

Yuxi said that the government has taken steps to restore calm and protect the safety, security and dignity of the African population in China.

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