President Akufo-Addo on Monday defended the decision of government to lift a partial lockdown on the capital and two other key metropolis in the West African country.

The president told member of the Ghana Medical Association, GMA, during a meeting at the presidency that data on testing and contact tracing along with treatment of confirmed cases informed the decision announced on Sunday, April 19.

He also stressed that a crucial plank of the economy, the informal sector, were also a major factor to the decision, which has so far divided opinion in the country.

He said in part: “we are also looking at the demography of the disease itself, in terms of the sick, in terms of death.

“What we will like to do, as decision makers, is to balance all these factors and to come to a conclusion and a set of solutions that will benefit our people and of course, protect the economy of our country. All of these have been the basket of issues that have led us to take this decision.”

As President of the Republic, he continued: “I cannot ignore the impact that this lockdown is having on several constituencies of our nation, especially the informal workers, a very important part of our economy, who need to have a day out in the market or otherwise in order to provide for their families, who were having a lot of difficulty.”

The GMA leadership said they were ready to play their part in ensuring that Ghana beats the virus. There has been a series of reactions to the lifting of the lockdown across a broad section of the society.

The Trade Union Congress voiced support for the lifting of the measure. Head of a think tank, the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, also voiced backing for the move. People jubilated in parts of the country when the lockdown was lifted.

The main opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, is however unhappy at the development with its spokesman accusing the president of not valuing the lives of Ghanaians at a time when confirmed cases continued to rise.

Meanwhile, the NDC’s current leader and former president John Dramani Mahama continues his food distribution efforts in the Greater Accra Region. Mahama has also made donations to to a number of public hospitals across the country.

One of the country’s renowned pathologists, Prof Agyemang Badu Akorsah, bemoaned the lifting stressing that conditions pointed to the need for the lockdown to have been extended.

Ghana’s president on Sunday lifted targeted lockdown on two major regions in the country citing improved testing of the coronavirus pandemic across the West African country.

Credit: africanews

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