By: Abdul Nasir Zango, Ghana.

I am a man, but today I want us to discuss PREGNANCY.

Do you know that certain things you do when your wife is pregnant actually contributes to the well being or otherwise of both mother and the unborn child?

Hey guys it bothers me a lot when I see men showing no concern to their pregnant wives or when they fail to adjust to some temporary changes that occur in their lovely wives during preganancy!!!

Pregnancy lasts for only 9 months, it is not everlasting, so why can’t men or husbands be supportive during this short period?

You see, pregnancy is not a commodity that is bought from the market, neither is it a software which is downloaded from the internet. It’s a period of a germinating seed which has been planted into the womb of a woman. There has to be a carrier of that seed while it grows, that is why mother nature makes it the task for women to perform.

Pregnancy is a period of preparation to welcome a new member into the family. Pregnancy is a journey fun filled, amazing etc.

During pregnancy, women experience body changes. Although it makes different women behave in unique ways, there are certain commonalities exhibited by all of them. They include:

 ■nagging once in a while or

 ■requesting for things unimaginable. For example, your pregnant wife may request to eat okro and bread etc,

■getting lazy to perform household chores or even making meals,

■ suffering discomfort and becoming so dependent. Sometimes your pregnant wife would feel like stretching her legs and putting them on your laps. Please act nicely and pardon her. Carrying the baby is not an easy task. Often, she would not be satisfied by your (her husband’s) efforts and or supprt during these times but he should just be empathethic and patient. That empathy is what we call care. That is tenderness. That is affection.

The first trimester of the journey can be so annoying, truth be told.

In fact, I repeat women differ from each other during pregnancy, take note. That is to say each pregnant woman’s situation is so different from the next person so you cannot really compare them. Yet, the following are some universal behaviours they put up:

 ●While most pregnant women get busy vomiting,

●Some sleep like water leaf; they sleep off anywhere with the slightest chance even in the kitchen.

●Most of them become feverish often,

●Others would be looking cranky and dry like “dustin powder”.

●Most pregnant women add up weight,

●Others appear like burnt offerings.

●Some even go round with White handkerchief spitting in it.


Please tolerate this, it’s beautiful afterwards. Her attitude becomes annoying, most times you cannot stand her. But I get annoyed when I see men neglect their pregnant wives. Your pregnant wife is not an abomination, neither is she a curse. I must say, it’s not an easy journey for all.

The last Tri-mester is when we need to be extra patient, loving, enduring and understanding.

Massage your pregnant wife’s feet when the need arises. It’s just a super beautiful thing to do.


 1) Always observe your wife’s feet during the pregnancy period, they swell often. Please give her a basin of water to soak her legs once in a while, it’s one of the best treats women enjoy during pregnancy.

2) Ask her regularly how she feels and how the baby is. She’s the carrier so she feels him/her move inside the bum.

3) Tell her how beautiful she looks during pregnancy e.g ” Honey see as the pregnancy make you fine, I will be impregnating you every month ooo” or even “is it my child that makes you fresh like this beyond the normal” Even if she has grown bigger in size because of the pregnancy, celebrate her.

4) Don’t be upset if she ever wakes you up by 2am to help massage her feet. Husbands need to feel a little of the discomfort and pain. The pregnant woman shouldn’t carry and endure the pregnancy experience all alone, after all the baby belongs to both husband and wife. Couples need to “carry” it together. (I don’t mean physical carriage though).

5) No rule book stopped sex during pregnancy, in short it’s the best time to hit it. It’s not like the vagina stopped working during pregnancy. Oh boy continue to work on that beautiful body. It’s yours.

6) Don’t be ashamed of taking her out. Take her out once in a while to those lovie dovie places you used to go together.

They love it… Most times I wonder what crosses the heart of men when they see their pregnant wives.

Carrying a child for 9 months isn’t easy. I urge all men to get closer to their spouses during pregnancy because that’s one of the times she needs you most. A big shout out to all men who fully stand by their wives during pregnancy.

God bless you all.

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